Frequently Asked Questions.

sugar free bakery - the thinnery sugar free bakery in upland, ca

Do you use Nutrasweet?
No. None of our products contain Nutrasweet.

Are your desserts Weight Watchers friendly?
Yes, we serve many customers on diets including Weight Watchers.

Do you make gluten-free desserts?
Yes, we do make gluten-free desserts.

Do you make birthday cakes?
Yes, decorated cakes are available for special occasions with 24 hr. advanced notice.

Do you ship any of your products?
Due to quality control concerns we don't ship any of our products.

Do you take phone orders?
Phone orders are always welcome.

Do you take call ahead orders?
Call ahead orders are always welcome.

What sweetener do you use?
The Thinnery uses alternative sweeteners such as fructose, saccharin, maltitol, splenda, apple juice.

Hours of Operation:

  • M-F:11am - 7pm
  • Saturday:11am - 5pm
  • Sunday:Closed